Welcome to
online home of Susan DeBerg and
all her looney creations
Hi !

I'm Susan and this is
one of my birds:
'The Red Baron',
its a scratchbuilt 24mm
to 24mm two stager
somewhat designed
after the Big Bertha
and sprouting a
vintage WW1 look. You
can find more pics
under 'Rockets'
This site is always under construction so please
pardon my smoketrail while I prepare for a launch. In the
meanwhile you can contact me at
Susan at drsuesrocketworks dot com
(Sorry folks, had to write it like that due to massive spamming lately)
Please browse around and enjoy my site,
'Mi Casa es Su Casa'
Happy Launches !
Hello Friends,

Unfortunately due to
current economic
collapse I am forced to
back off of rocketry. I
don't know yet if this is
going to be short or long
term, only time will tell.

Thank You All who have
visited this site and whom
I've had the honor and
pleasure to fly with over
the past years.

All the Best and God
Bless America !